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    XI Conference Historical Social Research of CEICS – Second Call

    – Second Call – XI  Conference Historical Social Research of CEICS I International Meeting of the Revolutionary Left ************** Where are we? The Revolutionary Left and the class struggle in the world today Buenos Aires, from September 1 to 3 of 2016 The world burns: Africa is affected by the …

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    Interview to Ken Loach – by Marina Kabat

    “I hope my films leave a feeling of anger” Ken Loach Interview by Marina Kabat (CEICS – Razón y Revolución) Published in El Aromo, september 2008 You have defended the Trotsky-Breton manifest and trotskist idea that the party shouldn’t have a determine position in art. That is that the party …

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    Divided and defeated – By Federico Genera

    Divided and defeated Last presidential elections marked the begining of the end for the political alliance which governed the country for more than a decade. Kirchnerism is becoming part of the past: its political staff began running away and the breaks soon arrived. In this article we examine the details …

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    “It’s finished” – by Nicolás Grimaldi

    Translated by Alejo Stark The chavista government has given all it is capable of giving. The published “official” statistics confirm that the condition of the working class has gone from bad to worse under the governance of a State that has benefited both national and foreign capital. If the working …

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    New and strange hairdos – By Nadia Bustos

    Translated by Alejo Stark Even though Hillary has the lead in the Democratic Party primaries (and also in the general election), Sanders’ popularity cannot be overlooked. In particular, it represents a shift towards the left of a significant part of the electorate. The advances made by the two candidates who …

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    Prelude to Storm- By Damian Bil

    The economic measures taken by Macri appear to break with the kircherist inheritance. Beyond the different social alliances behind each political framework, the measures were not marked by supposedly opposing economic programs (wich are not really that) but by the world economic situation. Damian Bil (OME-CEICS) The various signs of …

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    Worse than in the 90’s-By Nicolás Villanova

    Worse than in the 90’s. The “K” heritage and the social bases for the rearrangement of the picket movement. Some argue that with the victory of macrism the country will return to the 90’s. However, an examination of the main social and labour market indicators shows that in despite of the …

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